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About Guruvayoor

Located in Kerala, Guruvayoor which is also famously known as Gurupavanapuri which is an emerging municipality. Municipality is located in Thrissur District. Within this is situated the renowned Guruvayoor Sree Krishna Temple. It ranks as fourth among various temples in India on the basis of the devotees footfall per day experienced at this temple. The pilgrims throng to the temple during festivals. Even the everyday number of devotees to these temples is very huge comparatively.     
Guruvayur Kerala

History of Guruvayoor

According to ancient legends Guruvayoor is considered to be around 5000 years old but there are no early historical records that can establish this fact are availble. The Tamil literature ‘Kokasandesam’ bears references about a certain place called Kuruvayur which was made in the 14th century. At the beginning of the 16th century, ‘Karukai’ was the root word for the sea and therefore this village placed on the coastline came to be called Kurunayar. It had been totally destroyed once by the Dutch in 1755. However, before that Guruvayoor was considered as a subordinate shrine of the larger temples known as the Trikkunavay Shiva.

As mentioned in the Dutch and British records, Trikkunany as described in the Guruvayoor documents considering as the Thrikkanamathilakam, or Mathilakam. This particular place was located between Guruvayoor and Kodungallur. There is also another story that gives the account of the Pandyan king who had built this shrine at this particular location here. This may be taken as a reference from to the advent of the Azhanars. Yet they did not mention in their writings about Guruvayoor. The Guruvayoor temple became renowned throughout the length and breadth of India through the work of the Melpathur Narayana Bhattathiris or the ‘Narayaniyan’.

Tourism in Guruvayoor

Among the places to be seen in Guruvayoor, is the majestic Guruvayoor temple which is among some of the most famous Krishna temples. It is also often referred to as the ‘Bhooloka Vaikuntam’, temple which can be literally translated to mean Lord Vishnu Holy abode on Earth. The ruling diety ‘sthapit’ or installed at the temple is a representation of Sree Krishna which is depicted as having four arms and hands. Each of the hands a conch. ‘Panchganya’, the discus or ‘Sudarshana Chakra’, the mace, ‘Koumodaki’ and the ‘Kamal’ or lotus. It is a representation of the majestic appearance of Maha Vishnu. The ‘Chennas Namboodaris’ have been hereditary ‘Tantris’ of Guruvayoor temple. Here the ritual pooja is must strictly followed. The hallmark of the Guruvayoor temple is its ancient vedic traditions, rituals and ceremonies that are still being followed here most rigidly and with absolute perfection and complete sincerity. The Punnathur Kotta Elephant Sanctuary nearby is also an interesting place to be visited while in Guruvayoor.

Sree Krishna Temple, Guruvayoor

The Sree Krishna Temple of Guruvayoor is virtually the Dwarka or kingdom of Lord Krishna of Southern India. According to various myths the creation of the temple has attributed to the contributions made by the Guru or teacher of the Gods as also the God of the Winds or ‘Vayu’. The temple is magnificent in stature and layout. The outer enclosure is the Chuttambalam. The flag post which is thirty three and a half meters high is plated with gold plates is called the Dhwajasthambam. Alongsride is the exquisite ‘Deepasthambam’ or the lamp lights pillar while rise seven meters high. This pillar of light is a majestic sight to see when all thirteen circlets of brass lamps are lit together.

The sancta sanctorum of the temple or the Sree Kovil houses the main deity of the image of Lord Krishna. Along with the images of the Lord Krishna are the figures of Lord Ganpathy and Lord Ayyappa besides the mother goddess in her incarnation of Edathedathu Kavil Bhagavath.

It is believed that the temple has miraculous healing powers and when the devotees make the offerings according to their capacity the Lord Shiva showers his blessings on them with a cure to all their suffering.

An interesting aspect of offerings made by the devotees is that devotees weigh themselves and their loved ones on the giant weighing scale or the ‘Thulabharam’. The counter weights may be in the form of coconuts, bananas, jiggery, sugar etc. these offerings equal to the weight of the devotees are offence. 

How to reach the Sree Krishna Temple Guruvayoor

The Guruvayoor  Sree Krishna Temple is open only to Hindus and maintains the timings from 3.00 am to 12.30 pm. And from 4.30 pm to 9.15 pm. The nearest railway station is the one located at Guruvayoor  while the nearest airport is located at Cochin which has an international airport. The geographical coordinates are 10.350N latitude and 76.04 longitude. 

The Guruvayoor Aanayottam

The Aanayottam or the Elephant Race is the biggest event held at the Sree Krishna Temple at Guruvayoor during the Malayalam month of ‘Kumbham’ every year. The ‘Kumbham’ month falls during the lunar cycle of February- March. The beautifully ornate pachyderms are participants in an amazing race. These elephants weighing down a passage as the devotees grow hoarse with encouraging calls. The winner of the race is made much of and gets to carry a replica of the chief deity of the temple all through the year.

How to reach the Guruvayoor Aanayottam

It can be easily accessed from the Guruvayoor railway station. The nearest airport is the Cochin International airport which is situated about a hundred and ten kilometers away.

Festivals Celebrated in Guruvayoor

Among the main festivals celebrated in the world renowned Guruvayoor temple are the ‘Guruvayoor Ekadasi’, and the ‘Chembai Sangeethotsavam’. The ‘Ekadasi’ is considered as eleventh day in any given lunar fortnight. It is considered a very auspicious day for the Hindus. There are 24 Ekadasi’s in a year. The ‘Vrischika Ekadasi’, which is also known as the ‘Sukla Paksha’ Ekadashi has the most special significance for all the devotees thronging to the Guruvayoor temple. On the day of Ekadasi the Devaswam itself conducts the Udayasthaman Pooja or the sunrise to sunset propitiation of the presiding deity. A grand procession of heavily decorated elephants marches all the way to the beautiful Parthasarathi temple as the highly venerated and heavily attended Geethopadesam Day is also celebrated on Ekadasi day. After the night pooja, which is the Ekadasi Vilakku the elephant procession gives a finale ending to the grand and majestic festival.

After Ekadasi, ‘Chenbai Sabgeetholsavam’ is the second grand festival which is held in Guruvayoor. It is an annual festival of Carnatic music is held at the Guruvayoor Devaswom in Thiruvaiyaru in the form of a tribute to Bhagavatar, Chembai Vaidyanatha has been considered the greatest titans of Carnatic classical music is known to have hailed from this region. About two thousand or more exponents of classical music come to participate in the festival every year. The festival is held on a very grand and magnificent scale for about twelve to fifteen days culminating on the Guruvayoor Ekadasi day. All the musicians at first have to sing five of the favourite songs of Chembai and also the ‘Pancharatna Kritis’ of Thyagaraja who was the larger than life doyens among the great Carnatic musicians. The Thiruvaiyary Thyagaraja Aradhna is among the most important recitations sung at such festivals. It is sung in honour of Saint Thyagaraja.

Services and Utilities in Guruvayoor

Located in Kerala, Guruvayoor which is an emerging municipality is also famously known as Gurupavanapuri. This municipality is located in Thrissur District. Some of the public utility services available in Guruvayoor are-


The address of Guruvayoor Municipality is

Government Offices ( Govt )
Ph. No: +91 04872555656

Banking Services

There are several Public and private banks available in Guruvayoor.

Bank of India
Guruvayoor, city plaza, 1st floor,
Bldg  no. Gmc /145/5-xiii,
contact: mohd.maqsood khan contact- 098261-53039

West Nada,
Sree Padmam Arcade,
Thrissur Dist, Kerala.
Guruvayur - 680101
Contact: 097450 01452
State Bank of Travancore
70257, Komath Building East Nada,
Imar Ring Road, Guruvayur,
Thrissur, Kerala 680101
Ph: 0487 255 6647

Indian Bank
10/340, Hotel Elite Building, East Nada,
Guruvayoor, Thrissur, Kerala 680101
Ph: 094460 33819

X/83 A, West Nada
Guruvayoor Branch
R. V. Towers, 1 st Floor,
East Nada,
Guruvayur, Thrissur - 680101, Kerala
Ph: 4872550453, 4872552063, 4872552064, 4872552349

Post Office in Guruvayoor

The Address of Guruvayoor Post office is

Post Office Guruvayur
Post Office,
89, East Nada, Guruvayur- 680101
Ph. No: 0487-2556277, 0487- 2556274

Courier Services in Guruvayoor

There are several courier services available in Guruvayoor.

Blue Dart Express Ltd.
Vakkayil Building, Guruvayoor - Mammiyoor Road,
Opp. Mammiyoor Temple, Guruvayoor, Kerala 680101
Ph. No: 085479 01454

The Professional Couriers
Kirpa Complex, Near Railway Gate,
East Nada, Guruvayoor, Kerala 680101
Ph. No:093871 06608

Speed & Safe Courier Service,
Domestic Courier Services
Guruvayoor, Thrissur - 680101
Ph. No. - 0487 - 2556491

How to Reach Guruvayoor

By Road – Guruvayoor can easily be reached from the Kochi city along the National Highway, NH 17 which starts from Edapally in Kochi and is interchanged from Charakkad. It can be accessed from Thrissur city along the State Highway Number 49, starting from Guruvayoor and ending at the State Highway Number 69 through Choondal. Guruvayoor can also be reached from Kozhikode several and onwards through Chamravattan beyond the interchange from Chauakkad. There are regular buses private or state owned which ply on this route. There is an excellent services available from Palakkad and Calicut also. 

By Railways – The transport system by train in Guruvayoor is a most reliable part of the Southern Railways the Indian Railway. Two passenger trains operate from Guruvayoor railway station Junction to Ernakulam terminus and there are two passenger trains to the Thrissur railway station everyday. There is also one overnight train which is an express train to Chennai, Egmore via Ernakulum junction and Kollam junction. The Thrissur railway terminus station is the rail head for Guruvayoor from where there is wonderful connectivity.

By Air – the nearest international Airport at Cochin is located just about 87 kms from Guruvayoor. Also the international airport at Calicut is situated about 100 kms away from Guruvayoor. 

Quick Facts on Guruvayoor

City: Guruvayoor
State: Kerala
District: Thrissur
Total Population: 21,187
Total Males: 9,851
Total Females: 11,336
Total Population (0-6 Age Group): 2,144
Total Male (0-6 Age Group): 1,060
Total Female (0-6 Age Group) :1,084
Total Literates: 21,187
Total Male Literates: 9,851
Total Female Literates:
Best Season: Throughout the year
Weather: Summer 23-37°C, Winter 17-25°C
: Malayalam
Famous for: Pilgrimage
STD code: 0487
Pincode: 680101

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